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Forum Introduction and my own Introduction.
« on: April 25, 2015, 11:21:42 pm »
Forum Introduction.

This is a Private Forum and you can not, apply membership
on this platform, go to our homepage, via my forum profile.
You find the link, to our homepage, on the little green globe.

We have made, 54 Sticky Topics, especially, for all of you.
The new topic, that you make, must be inspired by,
the 54 sticky topics, that we have made, for all of you ;)
Always write your source, if you post outside information.
We must have valid information, write if it is, Pure Speculation.

1. Online behavior: We are old fashioned and have good manners.
a. You call a woman Lady  and a man Sir, before their first or last name.
And you end your message with, Yours sincerely, etc and then your name.
The conversation must go, in a mature and sober tone, we are not Sailors.
b. You can not, use your forum name or online nickname, from elsewhere.
c. Flaming threads, will automatic be removed, by Moderator >:(
d. Forum users can not, threaten other users to be banned, only
Administrator, has that final power  >:( Online trouble, report to
Moderator  :(

Personal Introduction.

Hi Lady/Sir.

I am new, in this brand new "Egyptian Online, Magickal Forum" and i only have a little
experience, with the topics, this forum teaches and will call myself a Novice/Student ;)
I only have a weeks experience, in being in another forum and i had to leave, because it
took all of my time, that week and they had, a bad Online Culture and had no Moderator.

Im here to learn and evolve personally and hopefully be more wise, if i stand the test of time.
I will be lurking a lot and learning, from all of you, but you shall not*, send me a personal PM.
I will not take part, of this forums discussions, because i am, The Administrator, of this forum ;)
I have only made a Forum Structure, for all of you, so you can see, what to do, by following
my example. Remember, we are not educated, Spiritual Teachers, we are all here, to learn ;)
*Report To Moderator ;D

Yours sincerely

Sir.Golden Falken ☥
Administrator of This Forum.

NB. English is not my first language, so i apologize
for grammar mistakes, i don`t use Google translate.

PS. Important, remember to check, your private mail box. There can be a message, from our Moderator :(
Posting Sexual Links/Pictures: Your Profile Will Be Deleted, No Mercy. Other Users, Report To Moderator >:(
Karma and Badges: You can give, each other Karma and earn Badges. Administrator, will only give, good Karma ;)
We are not, a professional forum, we moderate and learn from, each other :)
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