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Vampiric Magick.
« on: April 18, 2015, 08:40:23 pm »
Vampiric Magick.

Three sections on magickal practices related to vampirism, including a discussion on the techniques of psychic vampirism, a ritual to attract and/or thank vampiric entities, and a report on the creation of a vampiric servitor (not fully tested at this point).

The Practice of Psycho-Magickal Vampirism

What is psychic vampirism?

Basically, draining (and in the method I am detailing, absorbing) energy from other people, often against their will or at least without their knowledge

And what does it do for you?

It increases magickal power and sensitivity, and makes one feel more energetic, adds to vitality.

Many people do it unconsciously. For example, have you ever met someone who it tired and drained you just to be in the same room with? That is a perfect example of unconscious psychic vampirism. People who do it unconsciously donít usually store the energy in themselves, but rather disperse it uselessly into their surroundings.

So how does one perform psychic vampirism?

Psychic vampirism is largely performed through visualisation and lots and lots of practice.

One way to do it is to target a person and just visualise energy inside and around them. Some people can see it normally so they don't have to visualise - people who can see and manipulate auras will have a definite advantage here.

You then try to pull the energy out of the person. Feel it gathering inside you, and see it leaving them. Feel the build up of energy revitalizing you, making you tingle with what feels like static electricity, and draw it all into yourself, feeling it invigorating you. That's more or less it. It's easier if you touch a person or drink their blood, or whatever. It takes some people a lot of practice, while others master it instantly.

Potential difficulties

Itís worth noting that you have to be careful not to absorb all the negative psychic crap people tend to give off. Iíve made the mistake a couple of times of just opening myself to ALL the energy in an area, and have briefly broken down as a result. Take care if you plan on practicing psychic vampirism, especially in an area with lots of people (e.g. tube trains). You will gradually get to know what is the Ďrightí sort of energy to absorb, and eventually do it automatically.

Does it become addictive?

It can do... blood addiction is more usual, although that can be replaced by psychic vampirism under certain circumstances. Psychic vampirism can be addictive, but as there is a ready supply of energy this is not a problem.

Another way to get round that is to have a relationship with someone else who practices psychic or blood vampirism, and the exchange between the people involved seems to replace the craving almost entirely.

It should be noted that in relationships of this sort, leaving your supporting vampire even for a few days can be painful and draining for everyone involved, as this practice creates an intense magickal link. For the same reason be very careful who you form this bond with.

Example Exercise In Psychic Vampirism & A Variety Of Brief Details From Personal Accounts

Performing the following is easier if you are actually biting or drinking* the blood of your victim or donor although it is possible when not in contact with that individual. This has also been successfully performed by one person injecting the blood of another (the blood was visualised as containing glowing red energy).

Concentrate on absorbing energy from your victim. Visualise this energy pouring into you from the person as an electric stream.

There is a special rush if energy is taken by force or when the victim is in a strong emotional state.

From all reports and my own experiences of drinking blood, two people who are close will both gain from exchanging blood or energy. I find that if such an exchange of energy is going on between two people it is preferable that they are both in a sexual frenzy.

In the case of two people exchanging energy, the two people will both gain from exchanging this energy. It seems that exchanging energy generally results in both parties feeling stronger, magickally, physically, and emotionally.

However the feeding is performed, you should feel greatly invigorated physically and psychologically. Feeding can cause an almost amphetamine like rush.

A Brief Ritual To Attract and/or Thank Vampiric Entities

Get a black candle. It MUST be new.

Set it up somewhere out of a draft where it's not going to fall over. It must NOT go out.

Light the candle in the name of the entity. Say something like "I light this candle in the name of <entity>" in any language you want as long as you get the meaning across. Think about what you are saying when you say it.

When the candle is lit, drip some of your own blood onto it. I usually use something like a 1 mil needle and then just drip as much as possible on to the candle.. As you do so, say something like "Hail <entity>" or "Io <entity>."

Let the candle burn down completely. IT MUST NOT GO OUT.

What this ritual does is basically to attempt to attract the attention of the entity and then offer it some blood. You may feel its presence. You may get an immediate obvious response (voices in your head or emotional urges, for example). You may not get a direct response. This doesn't mean it hasn't worked.

My other main use for this ritual is as a Ďthank youí to a vampiric entity which has been involved in one of your rituals or has aided you in some way. Those who practice Ritual Vampirism involving regular use of certain vampiric entities are also recommended to perform this ritual every so often.

N.B. Many, or indeed most, Ďdemonicí entities are vampiric to a certain extent, so this ritual would probably work for most beings of that sort, but you must be certain, in any case, that the entity will not turn on you, as the blood offering will make it extremely difficult to get rid of should this prove necessary.


An Experimental Creation Of A Vampiric Servitor


A vampiric servitor could take several forms, but I have currently chosen to follow up on the idea of a thought-form which drains energy from a set victim over a set period of time. This energy would them hopefully be passed on to the creator of the thought form at the end of this set period.

A Servitor To Drain Energy From The Victim

This version of the thought form would be more simple, but less useful. It would have an operational time of about a week to a month.

A Servitor To Drain Energy From The Victim And Pass It To The Magician

The more difficult option, and the better. Would have a similar operational period.

Independent Vampire Egregore

Would not pass energy to the magician, would probably not be very targetable, would exist for an indefinite period of time as an independent entity, probably in casters immediate area, and very likely feeding from caster. Could possibly be kept, ritually fed on a regular basis and could be requested to feed from a specific individual. Needless to say, this is a dangerous and unreliable method. This form of egregore is most frequently created by accident.

Testing Problems:

It would be preferable to observe the test subject over period of time, unfortunately this has proved impossible, and the servitor will be tested via a cyber magick working. Results will hopefully be acquired shortly, but up to that point this remains an untested working. Result may be difficult to ascertain, as the victim can not be observed. Initial results will be from my perspective, although I may hear something about any effects on the victim shortly afterwards. Iíd appreciate it if anyone else who tries this could let me know of any results they had and improvements they could suggest.

Potential Problems:

If the servitor is resisted by a magickal barrier it could start feeding from random targets, including possibly itís creator.

If the energy is not taken from the servitor and it is not destroyed, then it could potentially cause a problem for itís creator.

Casting Conditions & Possibilities:

Object link will be a necessity

Strong hate or hunger emotion (pref. both) will be necessary

It would be necessary to program into the servitor that it should return empty-handed to the caster and/or dissipate if successfully deflected.

At the end of the set period another ritual could (should?) be performed to take the energy from the servitor and to destroy it.

For a more long-term approach, the servitor could be set to a lunar or seasonal cycle.


Putting The Theory Into Practice

Task of servitor:

To gather energy from <subjectís name**> over a period of one week, then to return to give me the gathered energy. If resisted by a magickal barrier, return immediately.

Creation Of The Servitor:

A sigil representing the aim was created, and an image and name for the servitor were derived from it. The servitor I created was a vampiric dragon who went by the name of Sith, while an earlier servitor, which was also successful, was a vampire goldfish with damn big teeth. (Goes to show, you never can tell...)

Charging & Releasing The Servitor:

The servitor had to be charged with hate for the victim and hunger.

The options for this include staying up over a long period and fasting, which is a method suited to this working as it results in physical hunger, and many people, including myself, are prone to angry fits under such conditions, making the hate aspect easier.

Another option is to use fly agaric to achieve an altered state of consciousness, and then inducing the required vicious emotional state which under the influences of the psychedelic.

A combination of the two is also a worthwhile approach.

A state of emotionally charged gnosis is built up by whatever means are favored, and the obsession

is focused on the servitor. An image of the servitor was previous affixed to a bottle. I drew a quantity of my blood and recited the following as I put the blood into the bottom of the bottle.


I offer you a this energy as payment

For feeding upon those I hold enmity towards

And for sharing that which you take from them with me"

Object link items for the victim (including a copy of his name written by him) were burned and the ashes were poured into the jar, as I recited the following:

"Sith, feed upon this victim,

this object of my hate.

Feed upon this hateful soul

Drain him and weaken him for 7 days and nights

Then return to me, and share with me the power you have taken

Sith! Vampire! Dragon!

Go forth and feast!"

Draining And Banishing The Servitor:

Upon the return of the servitor (at precisely a week from the time it left, should everything go correctly) it should be ritually drained, dissipated, and re-absorbed into the caster, or alternatively to be drained and kept for later use.

If used at other points, the servitor should be called upon and targeted by offering it some energy and the ashes of an object link in a similar way as above.

 Other Vampiric Servitors, A Magicianís Documentation - Arawyn conThanatos

Ok, I created a servitor and a sigil to program it. The sigil contained the specified statement of intent with the task. Then I consecrated the servitor.

I did it with the method I put on my homepage under sigil magick (now that I've some experience with that second method I discovered that it's just the creation of servitors without material basis).

Along with creating the servitor in the image of the sigil I also specified it further, for example, when it is vampirise energy from the victim, how much and where to store it. The servitor itself is now housed in a wooden disk which is linked to the crystal, where it stores the energy. I also linked the demise of the target with the that of the servitor. Since this will still take some time (I tried to arrange it for some point at the end of the year) I can't tell you yet how successful it is as yet.

Suffice to say that the crystal contains more energy every week (unless I use it for something else). A week ago, the doctor diagnosed some sort of wasting disease and no medications heís tried so far seem to work. The crystal is shaped like a primitive chalice (natural formed that way). I donít know exactly what sort of it is, but it's red (inside) and black (outside) which served my needs quite well.


*Injecting, and even drinking blood are activities which hold a high risk of transferring diseases, including HIV. Injecting large quantities of an incompatible bloody type can also be extremely dangerous. Also, in certain countries (including the UK) these activities are illegal. This article is not intended to encourage any illegal or dangerous activities.

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